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Sun | 08:12PM

Austria Communications


The Austrian Post and Telegraph Administration operates all telephone, telegraph, teletype and postal services. In 2006, about 3.6 million main line telephones were in use (including analog, IS digital network connections, and asymmetric digital services). The same year, there were about 9.3 million mobile cellular phones.

The Austrian Broadcasting Corp, a joint company organised in 1957 and reformed in 1967 and 1974 to ensure its political and financial autonomy, administers the nation's broadcasting system. It is governed by representatives from the broadcast industry, the government, and members of the public sector. It broadcasts nationally over 3 radio and 2 television networks, and also provides a shortwave news service in German, English, French and Spanish.

As of 2001, there were a total of about 2 AM and 160 FM radio stations in the country and 45 television stations. About 77% of citizens listen to state-run radio stations. As of 1997 there were about 6,800,000 radios and 4,250,000 television sets.

As of 2000, there were 37 internet service providers serving about 3 million customers.


Telephones - main lines in use:
3.564 million (2006)

Telephones - mobile cellular:
9.255 million (2006)

Telephone system:
general assessment: highly developed and efficient
domestic: fixed-line subscribership has been in decline since the mid-1990s with mobile-cellular subscribership elipsing it by the late 1990s; the fibre-optic net is very extensive; all telephone applications and internet services are available
international: country code - 43; satellite earth stations - 15; in addition, there are about 600 VSATs (very small aperture terminals) (2007)

Radio broadcast stations:
AM 2, FM 65 (plus several hundred repeaters), shortwave 1 (2001)

Television broadcast stations:
10 (plus more than 1,000 repeaters) (2001)

Internet country code:

Internet hosts:
2.427 million (2007)

Internet users:
4.2 million (2006)